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Sarah’s Remarkable Story

Founder of Verde Mind Body Health


The story of Sarah Goodenough is one powerful enough to inspire even the most discouraged of fad dieters. Significantly overweight and at the cusp of high blood pressure, fatty liver disease and other health concerns, her adaptation and commitment to a whole food plant based lifestyle has helped her lose over 160 pounds to date, while improving her energy and reclaiming the good health that was waiting to be unleashed. Read her amazing story and learn more about how her journey inspired the opening of Verde Mind Body Health and Kitchen Verde.

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Personalized Coaching

No two people are the same. Whether you’re ready to dive in headfirst or dip your toe in the water, we customize plans to meet your needs. Our individualized programs include one-on-one meetings with your coach to discuss plant based education, lifestyle meal planning and accountability. We offer a 10 day challenge, a 4 week program, and an 8 week program.

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Cooking Classes

Having the knowledge to plan, prepare and enjoy delicious whole food plant based foods at home is one of the true cornerstones of every healthy lifestyle. At Verde Health we offer whole food plant based cooking classes that give you the insight, understanding, and confidence to take total charge of your good health. Learn more about the benefits of whole food plant based cooking, upcoming classes, and what others have been saying about how they’ve changed their lives!

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Meal Delivery

While one of our goals is to help you better understand how to prepare fresh whole food plant based meals at home, we know that busy lives and hectic schedules often make doing so a real challenge. For those moments when free time is not an option, Verde Health offers perfectly prepared whole food plant based meals that can be delivered or picked up here at our Rochester NY Wellness Center.

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Whole Food Plant Based Food Pyramid

Our Rochester NY Wellness Center offers a full spectrum of services to help you lose weight and improve your health, including WFPB meals, cooking classes, fully-customized weight loss programs and much more. Get started on your path to vibrant health by calling us at 585-445-8486, or by writing to us online through our secured contact page.