Lifestyle Meal Planning

We all face our own challenges with making lifestyle changes. Whether you face social situational challenges like work dinners, difficulty with cooking your own meals or not knowing how to meal prep, just to name a few.  Your Verde coach will uncover your pain points and help you develop a plan to overcome your biggest challenges that have held you back in the past. With the Verde journal you will have a plan built specific to your lifestyle. The journal allows you and your coach to learn how to overcome life’s biggest hurdles.  We provide prepared meals, we provide amazing yet easy recipes, we provide cooking classes and we provide many other tools to assist you on your path to health.


Our Rochester NY Wellness Center offers a full spectrum of services to help you lose weight and improve your health, including WFPB meals, cooking classes, fully-customized weight loss programs and much more. Get started on your path to vibrant health by calling us at 585-445-8486, or by writing to us online through our secured contact page.